Degree in Painting. School of Fine Arts. Madrid (1986-1991).

Extended Education with Klaus Fussman at HdK (Hochschule der Künste) Berlin, Germany (1991-1993).

Círculo de Bellas Artes’s workshops with Juan Antonio Aguirre, painting and Barry Flanagan, sculpture in Madrid (1993).


In 2006 starts working with glass at Richard Glass’s workshop with the collaboration of Vanessa Arelle de Peeters, Dartmoor, England.

That same year initiates his trajectory in Egypt, and after many journeys opens a studio in Cairo.

In 2005 resumes his activity as a photographer and was a member of the jury at the International Humanity Photo Awards, 2006, Shanghai, China, invited by UNESCO.

In September 2004 participates as painting professor at the Mondialogo Symposium in Barcelona organized by Daimler Chrysler and UNESCO.

In 2004 opens a new studio in Casablanca, Morocco.

From 2002 to the present resides mainly in Madrid.

In 2000 is awarded a scholarship by the Cité Internationale des Arts (Ministry of Culture of France) and lives in Paris until 2001.

Between 1994 and 1998 lives in New York City.

From 1991 to 1993 lives and works in Berlin.

From 2011 until 2013 spend his time between Madrid and Moscow, where realize 3 solo exhibitions


October 2013, Gallery Ambit, Barcelona

June 2013, Exhibition at Nadine Slama, Victor Hugo, Paris.

June 2012, Exhibition at the Residence of the Ambassador of European Union in Russian Federation, Moscow.

April 2012, Gallery Galry, Paris.

March 2012, Gallery, AVATAR, Moscow.

October 2011, “RETROSPECTIVE 1993-2011″ at ” MMOMA,”,MOSCOW MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, with catalog of the exhibition.

February 2011, Chelsea Marketeers, Palm Springs Modernism Show.

June 2010, Galerie Shart, Casablanca.

May 2010, Maison d’Art, Monaco.

April 2010, solo exhibition, Elephant Showroom de Arte, Barcelona.

March 2010, solo exhibition, Elephant Showroom de Arte, Madrid.

December 2009, solo exhibition, profits from sales donated to UNICEF, Elephant Showroom de Arte, Andorra.

April 2009, solo exhibition, Elephant Showroom de Arte, Madrid.

September 2007, Cultural Centre, Deputación Provincial de Ourense.

June 2006, “Obra reciente”, Peccato Veniale Gallery, Madrid.

December 2005, Cité Intenacionales des Arts, Paris

September-October 2005, “Out of Morocco”, M.Y. Art Prospects Gallery, New York.

June 2005, Etsuko Shibata Gallery, Tokyo.

June 2005, “New Paintings”, The Avenue, London.

May 2005, Àmbit Gallery, Barcelona.

March 2005, Inside Art Gallery, Figueres, Spain.

January 2005, “Telas y metal”, Marisa Marimón Gallery, Ourense, Spain.

September-October 2004, Merril Lynch Conference Center, New Jersey.

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1995. La Salina Exhibition Hall, Salamanca, Spain (Catalogue).

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1994. “Cuadros para el dolor de ojos”, Art III 5 Inge Herbert Gallery, Berlín.

1994. “Exzesse”, Kunstverein Kaponier, Vechta, Bremen, Germany.

1994. Altesarkaden Gallery by Christian Voig and Birgit Niemann, Hamburg.

1994. Prisco Haus Gallery, Munich.

1993. “Segunda Exposición”, Condes de Gabia Palace, Granada, Spain.

1991. “Pinturas”, Condes de Gabia Palace, Granada.

1990. Art23-CB Gallery, Salamanca, Spain.

1989. Hispano 20, Granada.


June 2011. joint exhibition with Juan Gómez Acebo, Estudio 43, Madrid.

February 2011. Gallerie Shart, Casablanca

August 2007. Caótica Ana, travelling exhibition (paintings shown in Julio Medem´s film, Caótica Ana).

July 2007. Manolo Escobar Collection, Cistercian Monastery, Veruela, Saragossa, Spain

March to December 2007. “Soupsouth”, travelling exhibition in the Madrid Autonomous Community.

August 2006. “Emplazarte”, 1st National Travelling Art Fair, Bilbao.

2006. Arco 2006, Marisa Marimón Gallery, Madrid.

May-June 2006. Mira Exhibition Hall, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

December 2005-January 2006. “Museo Celestial”, El Silo Exhibition Hall, Madrid

2005. Arco 2005, Marisa Marimón Gallery, Madrid.

2005. “Otras Meninas”, Cajastur Cultural Centre, Revillagigedo Palace, Gijón, Spain.

2002-2005. “Otras Meninas”, Organized by the Women Together Association, travelling exhibition in Palma de Mallorca and Seville, Spain and countries in Spanish America and North America.

2004. 38th International Contemporary Art Prize. Prince Pierre Foundation, Monaco.

December 2002 – January 2003. Casa del Reloj Cultural Centre, La Lonja Exhibition Hall, Madrid.

July-August 2003. Casino Cultural Centre, San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia.

2003 Testimonio 02-03 Collection Exhibition, “la Caixa” Foundation, Palacio Almudí Art Centre, Murcia, Spain.

2002. “The Spray Show Chicago”, M.Y. Art Prospects Gallery, Chicago, USA.

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Werkvertrag (Berliner Kultursenat).

1991. First Prize: 11th City of Arganda Painting Competition.

1991. First Prize: 4th ETSI Navales Art Competition, Madrid.


2000/01. Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

1992. Galerie EIGEN + ART by Gerd Harry Lybke, Leipzig, Germany.

1990-93. HdK scholarship, Berlín, Germany.

1989. Grant to work with Alberto Datas, School of Fine Arts, Madrid.


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